Pat Buchanan: Dems Using Jan.6 Protests To Destroy Trump Like They Did With Nixon

Pat Buchanan, Twitter

In an interview with The NY Radio show The Cat’s Roundtable, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan compared the post Jan.6th treatment of President Trump to that of his former boss President Richard Nixon.

Mr. Buchanan argued the left is using the protests to prevent President Trump from running again.

He argued “They are using [January 6] to destroy Donald Trump and to prevent Donald Trump from ever running again because that is the great fear here, “.

Buchanan went on to allege “They are exploiting it. I went through an occasion like this … with Richard Nixon during Watergate. There was no doubt that there were people lined up to break into Watergate and bug the telephones of the DNC. While it was an outrage, it was not unusual in politics.

But the handling of that by Nixon was used to destroy a president who had won 49 states. I think the same thing is going on here. The exploitation of January 6 and the incident that occurred in order to destroy Trump’s future hopes for the presidency and to discredit his past.”

He went on to discuss the role of Nancy Pelosi in January 6th.

“And why weren’t the Capitol Police prepared and the troops prepared? That’s something Nancy Pelosi has got to answer for. And she doesn’t because she’s not part of the big game here, which is to use January 6 to bring down Trump and not confuse the issue with a lot of facts that the left doesn’t want brought up and discussed because they distract from the major objective and the major motive going on here.”

As is often the case Pat Buchanan is asking the questions many are asking. Like with President Nixon the mainstream media was quite literally out to get President Trump and prevent him from running again.

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