Pat Buchanan Sets the Record Straight on the Border Crisis

Long-time conservative commentator and former White House assistance and speechwriter to Richard Nixon, Pat Buchanan penned a recent piece “The Emerging Existential Crisis at the Border” to highlight the ever-expanding crisis at the border. 

Roughly a year ago, Democrat candidates were asked on stage at the Democratic presidential debate if their healthcare program would cover illegal aliens.

As Buchanan observed, “Each raised his or her hand, including front-runner Joe Biden.”

By signaling their support for public assistance for illegals at the time, Democrats sent a message that amnesty and generous benefits await all illegals who enter the country. 

Fast forward to the present, the new and ever-growing surge at the Southern border has become the new reality now that Biden is in office.

Buchanan detailed some of the lurid figures that are now beginning to surface with regards to the border:

According to a White House domestic policy council document, the number of children who, without a parent or guardian, will arrive at the border in 2021 will be about 117,000 — 50% higher than the record number of children who arrived in the 2019 humanitarian crisis.

Last month, Border Patrol arrested roughly 100,000 immigrants for illegal border crossings. However, Victor Manjarrez Jr., a former Border Patrol agent who teaches at Texas University, believes the reported numbers are “an undercount.”

The recent rise in activity at the border is the product of public policy. Namely, the reinstatement of lax border policies such as “catch-and-release” have largely contributed to the current border drama.

Buchanan outlined what this policy entails:

Children and families who cross illegally from Mexico cannot now be held for more than 72 hours. They are being released into the U.S. to await a court date — potentially years off — to hear their claim to a right to be here. Most never show up.

Some Democrats, especially those who represent districts close to the border are becoming jittery about the migration wave. “We are weeks, maybe even days, away from a crisis on the southern border,” acknowledged Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar, whose Texas district borders Mexico. “Our country is currently unprepared to handle a surge in migrants in the middle of the pandemic.”

As a result of this growing crisis, Democrats figure that amnesty is the solution to the problem. Their new program entails an 8-year pathway to citizenship. That means 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens would be amnestied and placed on the voter pipeline. Buchanan understands the political implications of such a proposal:

The Democratic Party is signing on to the largest mass amnesty for illegal immigrants in history — which would produce millions of new voters for the party.

It’s no secret that migrants who have come to the U.S. in the last six decades or so have been a reliable voting bloc for the Democrat Party. Their voting behavior suggests that if the migration pipeline continues in effect, many American freedoms could legitimately be under threat.

In addition, Buchanan observed another threatening aspect of the current mass migration wave: 

Among the recent border-crossers, who are transported by bus to detention centers, where they remain for 72 hours and then are released to travel where they wish, many are carrying the coronavirus.

Thus, what’s shaping up on the border is not only a national security crisis but a national survival crisis. For it is impossible to see, given the Biden administration policies adopted, how the invasion of America can be halted. And if 2 million or 3 million migrants reach the U.S. border and cross over each year, and we do not send them back, what stops the invasion and remaking America?

Buchanan listed off a number of problems ranging from Democratic electoral dominance to the disruption of national unity that would come about if mass migration is not checked.

Since running for the presidency starting in the 1990s, Buchanan has established himself as a leading voice for immigration restriction. Although he has stopped running for political office, Buchanan’s political commentary remains prolific. 

Moreover, his legacy lives on in the America First movement. Buchanan’s ideas not only merit respect, but also should be acted upon. In other words, serious candidates should run on strong immigration restriction campaigns. It’s the least we could do to preserve our great nation.Buchanan’s article can be read here.

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