PATHETIC: GOP House Member Adam Kinzinger Says Donald Trump Should be Removed from Office Before His Term Expires on January 20

Despite congressional certification of Joe Biden’s victory and Donald Trump’s commitment to peacefully transition power over the next couple weeks, Republican representative Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) is calling for an invocation of the 25th Amendment and thus a removal of Trump from office before January 20.

“Sadly yesterday it became evident that not only has the president abdicated his duty to protect the American people and the people’s house, he invoked and inflamed passions that only gave fuel to the insurrection that we saw here,” Kinzinger said in a recorded video posted to Twitter Thursday morning. “When pressed to move and denounce the violence, he barely did so. While of course victimizing himself and seeming to give a wink and a nod to those doing it.”

Kinzinger continued: “All indications are that the president has become unmoored, not just from his duty, or even his oath, but from reality itself. It is for this reason that I call for the vice president and members of the cabinet to ensure the next few weeks are safe for the American people, and that we have a sane captain of the ship.”

He then cites Section Four of the 25th Amendment, which “allows a majority of the cabinet and the vice president to assume the duties of the office of presidency until the president is able to himself.”

“It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment and to end this nightmare,” Kinzinger said.

He closed his recorded statement by directly blaming Trump for causing the chaos, calling him “unfit” and “unwell,” and saying he needs to either voluntarily or involuntarily relinquish his presidential duties before January 20.

Kinzinger thereby joins a chorus of Democrats in supporting Trump’s removal from power, despite the fact that Trump only has thirteen days left in the Oval Office. Kinzinger’s comments only add fuel to the fire, and he should realize that he is invoking and inflaming passions himself.

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