Paul Gosar Outlined Several Commonsense Pillars for the America First Movement

Any serious political project must have litmus tests that political candidates must pass. If these kinds of tests are missing, one must prepare themselves for all sorts of political failures and betrayals.

The Republican Party has long been the embodiment of this abysmal trend. Thankfully, the America First movement inside of the GOP is working to fix this trend.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar has led the charge in reshaping the Republican Party along populist lines.

On July 6, 2022, Gosar listed out several policy items he would like to see Republicans take on from here on out:  

Securing  our elections, our border, and deporting millions of illegals as soon and fast as possible needs to be the top priorities of every America First Republican.

Indeed, these policy items are some of the most important issues Republicans must confront. 

Election integrity is no laughing matter. What’s the point of voting when no one is confident about the overall security of a given election. 

Securing the border is the most important national security issue of our time. Yes, more pressing than great power competition with China and Russia. A country that doesn’t have secure borders is no longer a sovereign entity.At best, it’s a lifeless shopping mall. Deporting illegal aliens is also crucial. Mass migration, both illegal and legal, dilutes the country’s national character and it helps the Democratic Party — a thoroughly post-national political bloc – electorally

Any serious America First Republican would be prioritizing mass deportations of illegal aliens along with an immigration moratorium to preserve the Historic America Nation and keep right-wing populism electorally relevant. 

The days of Bush-era neoconservatism and politically correct outreach is over. Now, it’s time for Republicans to answer the right-wing populist call and start cracking down on criminality in all spheres — from immigration to electoral fraud. At this point in American history, strong leadership is required. 

Paul Gosar is one of the few leaders who is ready to rise to the occasion and unapologetically take on the mantle of right-wing populism. Let’s hope that other elected officials follow in Gosar’s footsteps.

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