Paul Gosar Puts Forward for a Muscular Immigration Policy 

One of the low points of the Biden regime has been its derelict policies at the southern border.

For example, the Federation for American Immigration Reform reported that there were 239,416 encounters in the month may. So far, during Joe Biden’s time in office, there have been north of 2.9 million migrant encounters at the southern border. 

The mass migration deluge at the southern border, not what’s taking place in Ukraine, is the existential crisis of our time. Countries can lose wars or face nasty economic reversals, but still live on as coherent nations. But when they’re fully displaced via mass migration, they disappear into the historical ether. 

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar grasps what’s at stake, as evidenced by a post he published on Twitter on June 18, 2022 where he called for comprehensive immigration restriction.  He tweeted:

Immigration moratorium. 

A strong and completed border wall.

Mass deportations. 

Mandatory E-Verify.

With over 239,000 illegals crossing into the U.S. in May alone, these are the bare minimum requirements to secure our border and get back on our feet. America First.”

An immigration moratorium would pause all immigration and restrict it to exceptional circumstances. While the Trump administration got the ball rolling with the construction of a border wall, the Biden regime has done nothing to consolidate this vital border security project. Mass deportations would occur through vigorous enforcement of current immigration laws, which would result in an “attrition through enforcement” dynamic, thereby disincentivizing further illegal immigration. 

An E-Verify system would allow employers to electronically verify the work status of their prospective employees and see if they’re legally able to live and work in the US. E-Verify would target one of the migration magnets — work opportunities — and make it much harder for businesses to bring illegal aliens into the workforce through under-handed means. 

Gosar is on the mark here. The policies he put forward should be the legislative standard for any right-wing populist running for higher office. If their campaign doesn’t feature at least two to three of Gosar’s planks, that candidate is not serious about stopping mass migration. 

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