Rep. Paul Gosar to Self-Quarantine After Coming Into Contact With CPAC Coronavirus Patient

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar announced he will be personally self-quarantining after coming into contact with a person infected with the Chinese Coronavirus at last month’s CPAC conference.

Individuals who attended the conference have been receiving testing and evaluation for possible coronavirus symptoms, after it was revealed that an individual affected with the pandemic disease did in fact attend the conference.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz also announced he’s spending time at home, making sure that he doesn’t have the viral illness after coming into contact with the anonymous person who is infected.

Gosar’s contact with the coronavirus patient seems to have been more serious, as Cruz has clarified he only briefly interacted with the individual. His statement on the matter confirms he was in the presence of the individual for an “extended” period of time, and that he shook hands with him or her.

Three of Gosar’s staff members are also self-quarantining. None of them are currently experiencing any of the symptoms commonly demonstrated by Chinese Coronavirus patients, such as fatigue, fever and sore throat.

Italy today announced a public transportation and quarantine throughout several northern provinces of the country, demonstrating just how quickly the respiratory disease can spread. More than 16 million Italians will be locked down by the mass quarantine.

Fortunately, there probably isn’t any real cause for alarm. But Northern Arizona community members will keep their Prescott-area Representative in their thoughts all the while.

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