Paul Ryan, NBC Executive Will Serve on Board of Fox News’ Parent Company

The new parent company of Fox News has chosen its board members, and some of them are highly questionable.

According to several Tuesday morning reports, former “Republican” Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan is among the group. The failed 2012 Vice Presidential candidate has been friends with the Murdoch family – owners of Fox – for years.

“Ryan and three other board of directors were appointed on Tuesday. It was a necessary step as the Murdoch family wraps up the Disney-Fox deal,” according to CNN. “Disney is acquiring most of 21st Century Fox, including its movie studio and entertainment cable channels.

The parts of Fox that are not being acquired by Disney will be a standalone entity, simply called Fox, the report said. Fox will be the parent company of Fox News, according to the report.

The other notable board member of the new Fox is Rolando Hernandez. Hernandez is the CEO of Telemundo, the Spanish-speaking news organization owned by NBC.

The new announcements come as Fox viewers are particularly miffed at the network. The company suspended Judge Jeanine Pirro for non-controversial comments about Sharia Law, and then subsequently hired former Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile as a commentator. Both signify a move towards the political left.

Big League Politics reported:

The former head of the Democratic National Committee who ensured that Hillary R. Clinton won the party’s presidential nomination in 2016 has joined Fox News, just days after the network announced that Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show would be cancelled for this entire week.

“I fully admit that in my previous lives as a campaign staffer, presidential campaign manager and Democrat Party official, my own lack of civility in the heat of battle has been on full display. And it wasn’t pretty,” Donna Brazile said in an op-ed explaining why she joined the network.

“Brazile, a veteran Democratic strategist, will offer political analysis across both FNC and FOX Business Network’s daytime and primetime programming,” according to a statement by the network.

An admitted leftist who has fought to destroy conservatism has now joined the ranks of the formerly-conservative network. It is another move towards the left for the the network, which has effectively become CNN-lite.

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