PayPal Claims Announcement To Fine Users $2,500 For Misinformation Was Said ‘In Error’ After MASSIVE User Blowback

Over the weekend, the internet erupted with backlash towards payment processor PayPal after it announced it would be “fining” users $2,500 for spreading “misinformation.”

From National Review:

Effective November 3, the new conditions will be added to the restricted activity section of the PayPal User agreement, the Daily Wire first reported. Changes include prohibitions on “the sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials” that “promote misinformation.”

After users threatened to ditch the platform forever over this announcement, PayPal shamelessly walked their comments back. 

Even co-founder of PayPal chimed in on the lunacy:

Going even further, the company claimed that this announcement was said “in error.” And that it was published by mistake.

“An [Accepted Use Policy] notice recently went out in error that included incorrect information,” said a company spokesperson. “PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.”

So the company that was prepared to punish anyone who they deemed to be spreaders of “misinformation,” just admitted to doing the exact same thing. Oh, the irony…

Regardless, the damage has been done, with many people still sharing their personal pledges to dump the online payment facilitator.

“Under existing law, PayPal has the ability as a private company to implement this type of viewpoint-discriminatory policy,” Aaron Terr, a senior program officer at the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, told The Daily Wire. 

“Whatever motivation PayPal has for establishing these vague new categories of prohibited expression, they will almost certainly have a severe chilling effect on users’ speech,” he continued.

“As is often the case with ill-defined and viewpoint-discriminatory speech codes, those with unpopular or minority viewpoints will likely bear the brunt of these restrictions,” he concluded.

Many PayPal users were already fed up with the platform for its past actions of censorship and its biased fight against “misinformation.”

Per the Daily Wire: The company has already sanctioned Gays Against Groomers, a group that opposes the sexualization of children, as well as evolutionary biologist Colin Wright and journalist Ian Miles Cheong.

It’s hard to imagine this chilling announcement from PayPal about stealing $2,500 from users was made by accident. 

As it feels as though the quick reversal was more of a reaction to the massive blowback and loss of users than any sort of “error.” 

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