PBS Host Lindsay Ellis: ‘I Get Really Excited About White Genocide’

A Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) host has a long history of anti-white racism and calling for the genocide of white people, evidenced by multiple Tweets sent from her personal account.

“We anti-whites are coming for you,” Lindsay Ellis Tweeted in 2017. “We know where you live.”

She then replied to her own tweet, saying that she gets “really excited about white genocide.”

“It’s going to be the best genocide ever,” according to Ellis. “I made a pinterest board for it.”

Ellis hosts a show called “It’s Lit!” on PBS.

“It’s Lit! is a series of smart, funny video essays from PBS Digital Studios about our favorite books and why we love to read,” the show’s description says. “Hosted by Lindsay Ellis, the series delves into topics like the evolution of YA, how science fiction mirrors our own anxieties, and why the book is sometimes just a _bit_ better than the movie.”

Her Twitter account is peppered with anti-white Tweets.

“White genocide sounds rad,” she said in 2015. “How do we make it happen sooner?”

“My favorite thing about these old Godzilla movies is seeing white people be disposable objects the POC always are in Hollywood movies,” she said later in 2015.

Remember, PBS is funded with hard-earned taxpayer dollars, meaning that Ellis is paid by ordinary Americans to poison the minds of our youth with this type of garbage.

“no I mean all white people are the living embodiment of satan’s asscrack what the fuck do you think I mean,” she Tweeted just last year.

“white yankees please stop trying to make yourself feel better by telling white southerners their culture isn’t that bad,” she said in 2015. “it is that bad.”

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