Pelosi is Emboldened by Coronavirus Bailout, Vows to Dupe Republicans Harder Next Time

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pulled the wool over the eyes of President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans with last week’s $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package. The disaster relief money was earmarked for many liberal pet projects, and Pelosi aims to do the same thing for the next round of bailouts.

She said on Monday that House Democrats are already preparing another massive stimulus bill, using the coronavirus pandemic to enact more socialism. She is likely to include massive infrastructure spending and serious government intervention into the health care markets in the upcoming legislation.

“Our first bills were about addressing the emergency. The third bill was about mitigation. The fourth bill would be about recovery. Emergency, mitigation, recovery,” Pelosi said during a conference call.

“I think our country is united in not only wanting to address our immediate needs — emergency, mitigation, and the assault on our lives and livelihoods — but also, how we recover in a very positive way,” she added.

Republican leaders are up in arms about how Pelosi is exploiting a crisis to get her partisan agenda muscled through Congress, but it is unclear if they have the courage to actually stop her.

“They’re approaching it — it seems like — as an opportunity to pass their political and ideological agenda. We’re approaching it as, ‘How do we protect the public health and our economy?’ And those are pretty divergent goals,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said.

Pelosi is eager to exploit the coronavirus crisis quickly and use the panic and fear in the public as an excuse to massively increase government spending and control.

“I do think that it is really important that as soon as we are here, we are ready to pass legislation,” she said.

President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans did Pelosi’s bidding when they moved forward a $2 trillion bailout bill that included funding for liberal policy goals that had nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) sounded the alarm over the sham and attempted to get Congress to actually deliberate and vote on the bill. It instead passed on a voice vote with most legislators sequestered away from Washington D.C.

Massie’s principled stand against Pelosi’s profligate spending bill earned him a tongue lashing from President Trump, who now wants Massie replaced in Congress because he’s too conservative.

With no Republicans seemingly willing to stand up against Pelosi, there will likely be more bailout socialism on the way as the Democrats use coronavirus for their far-left power grabs.

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