Pelosi’s Daughter: Some of “Our Faves” Will be Implicated in Jeffrey Epstein Pedo Ring

Infamous pedophile ring billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been indicted in a new round of sex trafficking charges, and it appears that some affiliated with the political elite Epstein was close with are worried about their connections with the financier.

Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, addressed the development in a tweet Saturday night, suggesting that some of her “faves” might face scrutiny for their connections to Epstein. The younger Pelosi is a women’s caucus chair for the California Democratic Party.

Pelosi’s tweet seemed to create more questions than answers, making many wonder why the elite Democrat was so quick to worry about potential fallout relating from Epstein’s prosecution impacting her “faves.”

Epstein operated a “private island” of sorts, where it’s alleged he trafficked underaged girls to be abused by his high-profile political friends. He also traveled with Bill Clinton aboard his private jet extensively, accompanied by another accused sex criminal, actor Kevin Spacey.

Epstein first faced criminal charges for his activities in 2008, but got off easy on account of his elite connections to Florida prosecutors. It appears the accusations he’s facing this time are far more serious, with the potential to put him behind bars for decades.

Many members of America’s corrupt political elite appear set to face exposure for their connections to a disturbing, well-organized and horrific pedophile ring. But don’t expect them to step down one inch for their self-appointed perch as the political and moral superiors of the everyday American people.

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