Pennsylvania ‘Furry’ Couple Arrested For Child Sex Abuse

A Pennsylvania couple have been arrested for sexually abusing a child and forcing him to participate in “furry” activities.

Emily Javins and Jacob Becker of Penn Township were arrested on Saturday when a local boy’s father reported suspicious Facebook messages he found on his son’s phone to the police. The two adults had been exchanging sexually lewd messages with the boy.

The perps have told police that they first met the child during a game of Dungeons and Dragons, a table-top game of sorts. The abuse began when Javins sat in the 15-year old boy’s lap and kissed him. She later went on to rape the child.

But the degeneracy doesn’t end at that point. Javins and Becker apparently confessed to coercing the boy to participate in ‘furry’ activities, in which the child was directed to behave like an animal and wear a leash for the sick couple’s amusement. They viewed him as some sort of ‘pet.’

The “furry” label refers to adults with a fascination surrounding anthropomorphized animals and elaborate, cartoon-style animal costumes. Critics of the strange hobby have long known that many furries involve a sexual component to their activities, a sick twist that seems to be confirmed in the light of Javins and Becker’s sex abuse of a child.

The deviants are being charged with corrupting a minor.

They’re being held on $20,000 bail.

In the light of the sickening reports surrounding this case, it’s clear that parents and concerned adults across America are obligated to do everything possible to shield the innocence of minors from those who would popularize the strange ‘furry’ phenomenon.

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