Pennsylvania House Committee Holds Soros-Funded District Attorney Larry Krasner in Contempt 

On September 13, 2022, the Pennsylvania House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order unanimously voted to recommend that Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner be held in contempt because of his refusal to comply with subpoenas the committee issued in August. 

Earlier in 2022, Pennsylvania House Republicans kick-started a process to impeach Krasner because of a “spike in violence” in Philadelphia that they believe Krasner has not been taken seriously. In January, State Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman sent a letter to the state house calling it to initiate impeachment proceedings against Krasner. 

The selection committee claimed the vote took place after Krasner refused to accept hand-delivered subpoenas on two occasions. The select committee was responsible for issuing the subpoenas.

Elected officials noted that Krasner’s lawyers “finally accepted an electronic version of the subpoena, but Krasner and his office said they will not comply with it.”

On a prior occasion, Krasner described’ the impeachment process against him a “stunt”. He declared that “the requirement for impeachment is that you actually be convicted of an offense.”

“This is not a decision we, as a committee, came to lightly,” declared State Representative Torren Ecker. He was one of five Pennsylvania State House members who were appointed to the bipartisan select committee. “This committee is steadfast in its intention to get to the bottom of the current unrest in Philadelphia and being denied access to important documents hinders progress in achieving that goal.” 

“No one, including Philadelphia’s top law enforcement official, is above the law, or above being held accountable,” Ecker stated. “It is extremely rare for the House to take up such a measure and this showcases the gravity of the situation in which we find ourselves.” 

House Resolution 216 set up the Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order. According to a report by ABC 27, this committee’s goal was to “investigate, review and make legislative findings and recommendations to the House of Representatives regarding the rising rates of crime in the City of Philadelphia; the city’s use of public funds intended for law enforcement and prosecuting crime; the enforcement of crime victim rights in Philadelphia; and the use of public funds for the purpose of benefiting the city’s crime victims.” The resolution grants the chairman the power to subpoena information that is germane to the committee’s work.

In the case that the committee approves any articles of impeachment, the full House of Representatives can consider voting on them.

Krasner was first elected as the Philadelphia DA in 2017, a race in which he won with 75% of the vote. He would later win re-election in 2021 with 69% of the vote.

Krasner has received funding’ from the likes of billionaire oligarch George Soros. Krasner is part of the progressive network of prosecutors Soros has propped up in recent years. They’ve grown notorious for promoting soft-on crime policies that have allowed criminals to terrorize the law-abiding with virtual impunity. Now there appears to be growing bipartisan pushback against these pro-criminal prosecutors.

For example, Former Philadelphia mayors Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter —both Democrats — have been highly critical of Krasner’s approach to criminal Justice.

“They are entitled to their legacy which includes mass incarceration, it includes the defunding of public schools and prevention, and it includes illegal tactics used by police that have been incredibly harmful. I have chosen a different path,” Krasner declared.

It’s not enough to criticize pro-criminal prosecutors like Krasner. They must ultimately be deposed via political means. It’s the only language they understand.

Pro-criminal DAs will stop terrorizing America’s once great cities when they are relieved of the burden of holding higher office.


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