Pennsylvania Political Activist Releases New Book Calling on Americans to Embrace America First

Earlier in October, political activist and former congressional candidate Bobby Jeffries has released his first book,America’s Perigon. In the book, he explores the links that tie the Founding Fathers, the Constitution with Presidents Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. He then ties this altogether with the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and his curent administration. Jeffries declared, “It should serve not only as a warning in these uncertain times, but as a blueprint for how we’re to continue to preserve the United States of America and everything that holds us together as a people, and should be mandatory reading for this new generation of Americans.”

The idea for this book came about after Jeffries met with political consultant Roger Stone in South Florida at the end of 2017. Stone left a glowing review of both Jeffries’ book and his overall character. He likened Jeffries to several of his clients and friends such as former president Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. “He has the principles of Ronald Reagan, the charisma of John Kennedy, the fighting spirit of Donald Trump, and he could ride that hair all the way to the White House.  I’m convinced of it,” remarked Stone.

The book can be found on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats, with a hardcover version to be available in bookstores across the nation.

Journalist and political commentator Jacob Engels, wrote the afterword for America’s Perigon. In addition, he boldly asserted that Jeffries is quickly emerging as a future leader in American politics.

“Bobby Jeffries represents the new generation of leadership in American politics,” declared Jacob Engels.

His book serves as a warning in these times of political tension and also functions as a blueprint for how Americans can preserve the United States of America and keep this wonderful political project going. Jeffries believes that this book should be obligatory reading for younger Americans getting into politics.

BLP has covered Jeffries’s previous campaign efforts. He is part of a younger generation of America First nationalists leading the way in putting the Republican Party on a more nationalist path. The current GOP is still filled with swamp dwellers and it will need youthful energy to correct course. Jeffries figures to be one of the key leaders in transforming the GOP into a legitimate national populist party.


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