Peru Cracks Down On Border Security After 15,000 Venezuelans Storm Border

Peru Border Security Venezuelans

Peru is stepping up its border security and requirements for asylum after 15,000 Venezuelan refugees crossed its border over the weekend.

As the situation in the failed socialist state of Venezuela continues to decline, refugees from the nation are overwhelming other South American countries, with some 15,000 Venezuelans crossing the border in the last few days.

In response to the massive number of migrants, Peru will now require Venezuelans seeking entrance into the country to have a valid ID, passport, and visa to enter the country legally. According to Global Security, the country previously only required a form of valid ID for entry.

Global Security reported:

The Peruvian authorities have issued a statement that same day explaining that, due to this massive influx of refugees and migrants, a special contingency plan would be put in place, and Venezuelan refugees are now required to have a passport and a visa in order to enter the country. Until now, each Venezuelan was asked only for a basic document, such as an ID or an Andean Card to be allowed entry into Peru.

The total number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the country now stands at about 800,000. In total, to date, Peru has received over 280,000 asylum applications by Venezuelan citizens and given temporary residence permits to over 390,000.

The United Nations is sending aid to the border between Ecuador and Peru, as the majority of immigrants appear to be crossing through Ecuador and Colombia to gain entrance to the South American country. Some travel for as many as 40 days, by foot, to migrate to Peru.

Strangely, there appear to be no reports of the Peruvian government being called “racist” or “xenophobic” for its desire to curtail the mass migration from Venezuela.

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