PETA: You Can’t Be A Feminist If You Eat Eggs

A new ad campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has some raising eyebrows.

“Face it. You can’t claim to be a feminist and still eat eggs,” said a billboard that appeared in San Jose, California, according to CBS San Francisco. 

“Eggs and Dairy Are a Product of the Abuse of Females,” says the billboard’s fine print.

The ad is part of a broader campaign to shame women into going vegan, considering that PETA equivocates meat eating with murder.

In a video for the ad campaign, the narrator claims that “any people who consider themselves feminists are unthinkingly supporting this violence against females every single day by consuming these cruel foods,” according to the report.

The organization is looking to “spark a conversation about the blatant misogyny of the egg and dairy industries.”

PETA’s blog on the subject echoes a similar tone.

“Some are quick to dismiss the suffering of female members of other species as unimportant. But let’s recall that human females, too, have been dismissed as not important, valuable, intelligent, or worthy of consideration. The justifications that people give for being unconcerned about chickens’ suffering and denying their basic rights are strikingly similar to the justifications that have been given for disregarding women’s suffering and denying their basic rights, all of which are false.”

PETA is now putting chickens on the same moral plane as human beings. The ad campaign ups the social justice ante another level, now giving already-liberal feminists a new litmus test by which they must measure their own feminism, highlighting this reporter’s stance on social justice, which is that the world will never be socially-just enough for insane people.

The leftists who have supported this movement from the beginning deserve what they get, as it moves further and further into bizarro world.

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