Pete Buttigieg Has $131,296 in Student Loan Debt

Fad Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has an exorbitant level of student loan debt.

Reporting from Fox Business reveals that the neoliberal Democrat has a whopping $131,296 in outstanding loans. Buttigieg is a Harvard and Oxford graduate, and frequently points to his professional qualifications as a rationale for his presidential campaign.

Crushing student loan debt is a tragically widespread phenomenon across all demographics of young Americans, but Buttigieg’s amount of debt is far higher than what the average loaner incurs. If elected, he would probably be the first President with outstanding student loan debt. His husband, Chasten, also has a similar six-figure student loan debt. For context, the average American student loan borrower takes out between $20,000 and $25,000 in loans.

It’s unclear how exactly Buttigieg intends to pay back the substantial debt. Presidents receive around $450,000 in annual salary, but absent an unlikely victory, it appears difficult to repay such a large student loan debt with a municipal public servant’s salary.

Buttigieg’s appeal to the elitist establishment of the Democratic Party thus far represents a crucial strategy of his campaign. He’s marketed what some call a ‘smart guy’ persona as part of his candidacy, making dubious claims of speaking multiple languages. It appears that at least when it comes to his personal finances, the Indiana mayor isn’t quite as much of a boy-wonder as he makes himself seem.

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