Philadelphia Elected Officials Wants to Turn City Into Anti-Gun Safe Space

On September 14, 2023, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania heard arguments from the legal counsel advocating for the city of Philadelphia about if the city government has the power to pass its own gun control laws. 

On that day, justices didn’t issue a decision on the matter but plans on doing so in the forthcoming weeks.

The plaintiffs contended that the state’s preemption law, which bars cities from passing local gun control measures, deprives Philadelphians of their right to life and liberty by allegedly subjecting them to gun violence.

Pennsylvania initially passed its preemption law back in 1974. State judges have used that law to stymie the city of Philadelphia’s efforts to implement local gun control measures which include:

  • A prohibition on firearms at recreation centers and parks
  • A hard limit on how many handguns an individual can buy on a monthly basis;
  • A requirement compelling individuals to report lost or stolen firearms or be subjected to fines

“When individuals are afraid to leave their home, children are afraid to go to the bus stop out of fear of crossfire…  no one wants to believe that someone would ignore that,” stated Attorney Jasmeet Ahuja, the city’s counsel.

She asserted that Pennsylvania elected officials have failed to take decisive action on the matter.

Over 40 states have preemption laws on the books. That said, this is the first time a city has tried to get the state law repealed on constitutional grounds, per legal experts.

Philadelphia has witnessed a surge in gun violence over the last few years, with its homicide total blowing past 500 in both 2021 and 2022. This move to implement gun control at the local level is part of a broader strategy by Gun Control Inc. to carve out anti-gun safe spaces in red and purple states. 

Local politics matter folks. If we can’t secure these areas, we’re just asking for the tyrants to continue gaining momentum.

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