Phony Astroturf ‘Gen Z GOP’ Group Demands for Republicans to Accept Liberal Dogma on Climate Change, Transgenderism

The establishment-backed ‘Gen Z GOP’ front has released an op/ed outlining their vision for the future of the Republican Party, and it is essentially a blueprint for liberalism to reign supreme in America without even so much as token resistance being offered by conservatives.

The op/ed, published by the New York Post and written by sympathetic 21-year-old college student Rikki Schlott, demands a total capitulation by the Republicans to far-left environmentalists and LGBT perverts who are targeting children with their satanic propaganda.

“Calls for progress are coming from young voters of every political persuasion. In fact, while Gen Z Democrats are almost politically identical to their older counterparts, generational differences among Republicans are far more stark,” Schlott wrote.

“Young Republicans want a more dynamic party that meets them in the middle on two major concerns: environmental and social. While the Democratic party champions progress on both, the GOP remains lukewarm on the issues and, as a result, risks breeding a generation of Democrats by default,” she added.

This Gen Z GOP front group is pushing so-called “free market” solutions to the supposed problem of climate change. 

“If the GOP were to reshuffle its priorities a little bit to address generational issues and present conservative solutions, they would make huge progress with Generation Z,” said John Olds, the 22-year-old president of Gen Z GOP. 

Additionally, Schlott points out that “Gen Z Republicans say society does not do enough to accept gender non-conforming people at a rate three times higher than some older Republican generations.” She advocates surrendering completely in the culture war, eviscerating Christian values, and bowing to LGBT perversion.

“Many Gen Z voters imagine Republicans as rigid, evangelizing traditionalists. By adopting a more live-and-let-live philosophy in favor of cultural conservatism, the GOP would appeal to more young people,” she wrote.

Big League Politics reported on how the Gen Z GOP organization hired an anti-gun Hillary Clinton volunteer to handle outreach:

A new Republican group, Gen Z GOP, has hired an operative who formerly volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 and marched in an anti-gun rally.

Gen Z GOP announced on social media that they are hiring Elle Kalisz as deputy communications director. She reportedly joined the organization because she believes an “ideology that lacks a strong foundation in facts, inclusivity, and understanding will consistently fall short in creating fundamental change for the better.”

“Gen Z GOP is creating a space to bridge the gap between empty promises and unaligned values,” she said…

Gen Z GOP recently appeared on the political scene as the latest re-brand for Never Trumpers to exert their control over the Republican Party. They released a video for their group’s launch where they essentially announced surrender to the Left.

“As Republicans, we believe that the party of Lincoln is worth saving from its current flirtation with authoritarian populism,” Gen Z GOP said in their introductory video. “But we do not seek to return to the politics of the past. We seek to present a new vision — a vision that does not cave to the polarized choices of left and right, but one that embraces nuance, freedom and opportunity.”

“We strive to be a GOP that pursues climate change solutions that harness American innovation and create green energy jobs,” the narrator added. “A GOP that can embrace Americans of all backgrounds, proudly proclaim that Black Lives Matter and work to combat injustice and inequality.”

While the Gen Z GOP group may seem laughable, they have support even from the ostensibly populist right that is en vogue within the Republican Party due to Trump’s immense popularity.

Leaders from the group American Moment, which claims it exists to “identify, educate, and credential young Americans who will implement public policy that supports strong families, a sovereign nation, and prosperity for all,” recently had a dinner summit of sorts with the Gen Z GOP.

Based on their stated principles, it would seem that American Moment would be diametrically opposed to Gen Z GOP, but that is not the case. They are instead cronies. It seems there is an infrastructure building for a Populist Inc. to replace Conservative Inc. as a way to dupe America First conservatives in the way that Republicans have been duped so frequently in the past.

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