PHOTO: TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk Yucks It Up With Drag Queen As They Flash Kids In Libraries Across America

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk has been under siege at his “Culture War” events at college campuses throughout the country, with his support of the LGBT agenda being one of the main points of contention from concerned audience members.

Kirk is one of the conservative personalities who recently posed with a smiling face next to Lady Maga, a grifter who advertises himself as “America’s conservative drag superstar,” at Politicon.

Michael Knowles, a Daily Wire reporter who gets his paychecks signed by neoconservative media mogul Ben “Never Trump” Shapiro, posted a picture of himself partying with Lady Maga at the same event.

This is the new age of ‘conservatism’ led by the likes of Kirk, Shapiro and their minions. They are hanging out with cross-dressers at a time when they regularly abuse and traumatize unsuspecting kids in libraries across the country.

A recent instance of child victimization came when a drag queen flashed their crotch at a group of kids at a library in Hennepin County, Minnesota:

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve been hammered with the narrative that a “drag queen story hour” is a way to teach tolerance and acceptance to young children about different ways of life. However, we’ve also seen what happens behind the scenes, and it’s not pretty…

Now, according to a group called the “Child Protection League Action,” we have photo evidence of a drag queen story hour where, earlier this month, a drag queen flashed his crotch to children during the event.

According to CPLA, two drag queens were putting on a story hour for children at the local library in Hennepin county in Minnesota, going by the names “Sasha Sota” and “Gemini Valentine.” Both men are reportedly adult entertainers in their professional lives according to a Facebook post by the CPLA.

During the event, “Sasha Sota” flashed children his crotch by parting his legs under his skirt. In the picture, you can see him in full costume with a little girl sitting in front of him…

The Hennepin county library has reportedly canceled two future events over the flashing incident, but will apparently resume with the drag queen story hour festivities at some point in the future.

In addition, Kirk appeared at a “Culture War” event with homosexual black Iraq War veteran Rob Smith on Wednesday at The Ohio State University. Kirk and Smith took turns blasting Christians in the audience who questioned the supremacy of the LGBT agenda within the conservative movement.

Kirk hosted Smith at the event despite his long history as a Never Trumper. Smith once appeared on CNN to claim that the “older white guys” on President Trump’s Joint Chiefs of Staff were guilty of discrimination.

Smith also accused President Trump of being guilty of “an unthinkable act of discrimination” for proposing a ban on transgender individuals from being able to serve in the military.

“When President Donald Trump announced in a series of July tweets that transgender soldiers would not be able “to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military,” he not only engaged in an unthinkable act of discrimination — he also put the lives of brave service members at additional risk,” Smith wrote in an op/ed for NBC News in 2017.

Smith has been practicing leftist identity politics for many years now. Before he saw money on the Conservative Inc. grifter circuit, Smith was a far-left activist who introduced the “I Am Trayvon Martin Project” after the violent teenager was killed in act of self-defense by George Zimmerman.

He encouraged people of color to air their grievances against white people in YouTube videos for his race-baiting cause that never quite took off. Smith’s cringe-inducing video for the project can be seen here:

Kirk’s pro-drag queen, LGBT-inclusive brand of conservatism is under increased scrutiny, and the grassroots revolt against him is likely to intensify at future events.

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