PHOTOS: Joe Exotic Asks for Presidential Pardon in New Letters From Texas Prison

Larger-than-life wildlife connoisseur and convicted felon Joe Exotic is asking the general public and various celebrities to urge President Donald Trump to grant him a presidential pardon in a new letter sent from a Texas prison.

Exotic, the title character of the Netflix documentary series ‘Tiger King,’ has become an overnight celebrity of sorts, with many Americans binging the sensational exotic wildlife industry documentary during coronavirus isolation. The Oklahoma man was sentenced to a 22-year prison term in 2018 for trying to orchestrate a murder-for-hire against a Florida big cat sanctuary owner who was a longtime legal foe and ethical critic of Exotic’s roadside zoo.

Big League Politics can now release two letters from the colorful tiger-wrangler, in which he touches upon his prison life, recent coronavirus quarantine, and his desire for a presidential pardon.

The letter was sent in response to mail from a Pennslyvania woman who’s a fan of the hit show, and circulated in online fan groups for Tiger King. The message also contains a ‘part 2’ addressed to the general public and various celebrities.

Exotic had been confirmed to be in coronavirus isolation in prison when his show started picking up steam.

The letter was postmarked with a return address from the Forth Worth federal prison Exotic is currently incarcerated in, and stamped with a Dallas postal mark.

Exotic maintains that he’s innocent of murder-for-hire charges against Carole Baskins, the owner of Florida’s Big Cat Rescue sanctuary. He alleges that he has been set up by a former business partner who wished to see him removed from the daily operations of the Oklahoma Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.

President Donald Trump mentioned the possibility of pardoning him when asked at a recent White House press briefing, a topic first brought up by his son Donald Trump Jr. on a radio show. It’s unclear how serious the President was being, and he clarified that he hasn’t seen the show.

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