Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Call For FBI Director’s Resignation Over CNN Leak In Roger Stone Targeting

The Phyllis Schlafly Eagles conservative women’s organization is calling for the resignation of FBI director Christopher Wray after Roger Stone’s arrest on process charges following a lengthy Robert Mueller investigation that found no Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

The Democrats, meanwhile, actively sought dirt on Trump from Russians during the 2016 election, according to the Washington Post. 

Stone’s arrest came Friday, but the government shutdown is over now because President Donald Trump can use the national emergency option to generate funding for the border wall on February 15, when his deadline for Congress expires.

The presence of a Washington, D.C. resident and CNN reporter at the scene of the FBI’s over-the-top arrest of Stone at his house in Florida prompted outrage from the conservative movement.

“These terrorizing tactics are are absolutely despicable,” stated Phyllis Schlafly Eagles president Ed Martin. “The Department of Justice and the FBI should be ashamed not only with what took place but especially for colluding with CNN to allow cameras on a ride along. Fake news media is helping Mueller create a spectacle with all flash and – as we now know – absolutely no substance. Acting Attorney General Whitaker and FBI Director Wray ought to be ashamed. They should either resign for allowing CNN to manufacture such sensational ‘reporting’ or do their job and stop the Mueller witch hunt.”

The late Phyllis Schlafly — who was targeted by political vultures in her twilight years due to her early unwavering support for President Donald Trump — was a lady of charm and grace.

Here she is at a Trump rally in St. Louis.


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