Planned Parenthood Admits: ‘We Are Not In The Business of Adoptions. We Are Paid To Do Abortions’

An abortion factory that has been masquerading as a “women’s health clinic” openly admitted to what most already knew, according to a new book.

Dr. Gina Loudon recently wrote a book called Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy. According to the book, she called Planned Parenthood clinics for a period of years asking if any expectant mothers carrying a child with Down syndrome might be willing to adopt the child out, and if the organization would be willing to notify her if they came across any such cases.

She never received a call back. What she did receive, though, was a clear picture of exactly what Planned Parenthood cares about. Money.

Loudon recounted a story about calling a Missouri Planned Parenthood and asking is she could send a picture of her family for the staff to keep on file, in case any expectant mother would consider adopting out her child.

“We are not in the business of adoptions,” a staffer told her. “I suggest if you want an adoption, you call an adoption clinic. We are paid to do abortions.”

Loudon and her family continued their quest to find a Down syndrome child to adopt, and contacted an adoption agency to ask why there were seemingly no Down syndrome children available for adoption anywhere.

“They’re all aborted today,” one official told her. “Genetic testing has made it so that the only people having babies with Down syndrome are those who decided to keep (the baby) even after they know.”

The story illustrates a point that pro-life Americans have been making for years. There is no such thing as “pro-choice.” When women walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic, they are not offered a choice at all. They instantly become a victim of corporate greed and a company that thrives off of blood money.

Pro-death is a more accurate term.

Loudon and her family eventually found a Down syndrome baby boy to adopt. They named him Samuel.

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