Pocahontas descendent on Trump’s taunt of Sen. Warren: ‘We are not offended at all’

Sen. Elizabeth A. Warren (D.-Mass.) (File photo) and statue of Pocahontas at Historic Jamestowne (Big League Politics photo by Kari Donovan)

A direct descendent of Pocahontas told Big League Politics he approved of President Donald J. Trump using the name of his Indian princess ancestor at Tuesday’s White House event honoring Navajo code talkers.

“Pocahontas is a gift to all Americans,” said Joe Webb, a popular online political commentator.

“We are not offended at all,” he said. “She was an American, and we are proud that her name is being highlighted again,” he said.

Trump rebooted a controversy from her 2012 campaign stirred a controversy when he brought up the name of Pocahontas as a jab at Sen. Elizabeth A. Warren (D.-Mass.), who claimed early in her career that she was part Cherokee, in order to apply for affirmative action preference.

Webb told Big League Politics his family was full of Trump supporters. “As a direct-descendent of Pocahontas, I think it’s hilarious that Donald Trump busted Warren for hijacking an Indian heritage that she used to procure grants and special privileges.”

“If Trump uses the name of the Virginia Indian princess to out the duplicity of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, so be it – it only means that the story and ensuing legend of Pocahontas lives on.”

Watch here as Warren told MSNBC that Trump was racist for calling her “Pocahontas.”

Webb said direct descendents of Pocahontas do not share that belief, they feel pride.

A new book due out in time for Christmas tells the story of Webb’s familial lines, which include both Pocahontas and President George Washington.

“Tobacco entrepreneur John Rolfe was married to Pocahontas,” he said. “He was my 11th great-grandfather and the industry that he forged was later to bring a tobacco merchant from England to the New World. His name: John Washington, great-grandfather to George,” wrote Webb on a Facebook post.

Mary Shawn Russell, Webb’s sister, wrote the Washington’s Bloodlines: The long lost branch of the Washington family tree, he said. The book reveals after a lengthy investigation and research the lineage between Pocahontas and America’s first president.

“Our 11th great-grandparents were tough people and would be proud of President Trump,” said Russell, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

(Diagram courtesy of Mary Shawn Russell)





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