Police in Bellevue, Washington Launch App that Lets Citizens Snitch on Other People Who Violate Shutdown Orders

Governor Jay Inslee recently issued a “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order for the entire state of Washington.

Now, Bellevue police are trying to develop a system for residents to report violations. Reports that citizens file on the MyBellevue app will create a heat map illustrating where there are potentially illegal gatherings or business activity.

Under the current order, people are allowed to leave their homes for certain activities, such as grocery shopping, going to medical appointments, picking up or delivering take-out food, heading to work at an essential business or leaving the house to do exercise.

Police advise residents and visitors to comply with the governor’s order, to protect the health of the community. “The vast majority of people in our community are following the “Stay Home” order and are being safe,” remarked Chief Steve Mylett. “But we need your help in reporting violations where there may be a large amount of people at risk.”

The city website offers a link to the app — MyBellevue portal.

It provides instructions on how to use it:

  • Log onto the app on your phone or online at MyBellevue.
  • Click on new request.
  • Click Report gatherings.
  • Click issue location and move the pin over the location or add the address manually.
  • Click submit.

“As officers are available, they will respond to these reports and use this opportunity to educate and instruct people about the state’s “Stay Home” mandate,” clarified Major Andrew Popochock, who is in charge of the patrol division. “We are not going to arrest people; we are educating them to stay home.”

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