Police Officer Does 18 Pushups in Snowstorm to Honor Fallen Officers in 2019

Expressing his respect for those who have lost their lives in just the few short months of 2019, a police officer did pushups during a snowstorm to commemorate each fallen hero.

What is becoming a viral hashtag, #TBLPushupchallenge is a movement meant to honor those who died in the line of duty, protecting their communities. Officer Nick Janttie of the Fargo Police Department in North Dakota stopped amidst a snowstorm to hammer out 18 pushups for the challenge.

“So far, 15 police officers and three K-9 officers have been killed in the line of duty in 2019,” Liftable reports. Honoring the weather conditions that police officers in North Dakota have to face, officer Janttie chose to complete the challenge not only in a snowstorm but also on a day the temperature felt like -40 degrees.

The social media challenge has been receiving traction on Twitter and Instagram with many expressing their utmost respect for those who keep our communities safe.

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