Police Report Alleging Nashville Bomber Was Building Bombs in RV Was Sent to FBI in 2019

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was sent a Nashville Police Department police report in which the Nashville bomber’s then-girlfriend alleged he was building explosive devices in his RV in 2019. The agency took no investigatory action. 

Nashville Police detectives visited Anthony Warner’s home in August of 2019 after receiving a call from Warner’s then-girlfriend, who had spoken of being suicidal and was emotionally distraught. The woman, whose identity has been redacted, mentioned that Warner had been building bombs in an RV in his property- a vehicle which appears to have been used in the Christmas Day bombing outside an AT&T building in the city.

Warner’s girlfriend had emphasized Warner’s discussion of military topics. An attorney who represented the woman in question at one point, Raymond Throckmorton, also was named in the report to the Nashville Police, stating that Warnerknows what he is doing and is capable of making a bomb.

“I made a report on the spot for him to get checked out and I did all that I knew I could do,” Throckmorton said. The attorney, who had previously represented both Warner and his girlfriend, believes the Nashville Police failed to conduct a proper investigation. Nashville Police claim that Throckmorton prevented them from searching Warner’s RV in his capacity as his attorney, but Throckmorton insists that he wasn’t an attorney for either Warner or his girlfriend at the time.

View the full police report summarizing Warner’s girlfriend’s accusations here.

The Nashville Police ultimately lacked the legal authority to search Warner’s residence and property on the basis of his girlfriends’ claims, with a police spokesperson stating to News Channel 5 Nashville that responding officers “saw no evidence of a crime and had no authority to enter his home or fenced property.

but forwarded the police report to the FBI, requesting that the agency determine if Warner had the military connections his girlfriend spoke of. The FBI informed the Nashville Police that no Department of Defense records existed for Warner, who appears to have possessed a Tennessee destructive device permit.

State records for Warner’s blasting permit are publicly and easily accessible, raising questions as to why the FBI failed to either find their existence or take investigatory action of its own accord on the basis of his explosives permit.

The FBI continue to offer the American public a reliable investigatory force when opportunities for left-wing PR stunts present themselves. The agency bravely dispatched no less than 15 agents to investigate a supposed “noose” at a NASCAR venue that was little more than a garage door pull, and the FBI’s career bureaucrats have increasingly emphasized investigating what they claim to be right wing extremism rather than last summer’s mass-scale and violent Black Lives Matter riots.

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