Polish Ambassador is Angry with Rioters Defacing Polish American Revolutionary Heroes’ Statues in Washington

Piotr Wilczek, Poland’s Ambassador to the United States, is livid about the acts of vandalism committed against monuments of Tadeusz Kościuszko and Casimir Pulaski in Washington D.C.

Kafkadesk reported that Wilczek was “disgusted and appalled” by such behavior. The statues commemorate two Polish national heroes who participated in the American Revolution. On May 31, 2020, the statues were defaced during a demonstration that’s part of a broader set of unrest taking place across the nation ever since George Floyd died last week.

“I am disgusted and appalled by the acts of vandalism committed against the statue of Thaddeus Kościuszko in DC, a hero who fought for the independence of both the US and Poland”, Piotr Wilczek said in a first post, before imploring the White House and the National Park Service to “quickly restore the statue to its original state”.

In a second Tweet, the Polish ambassador added that it was “regrettable that in the wake of these protests, many national monuments, as well as the statues of Polish heroes Pulaski and Kosciuszko, were senselessly defaced. The memory of those who fought for US independence and the abolition of slavery should be shown greater respect”.

Kościuszko and Pulaski were two Polish military commanders who participated in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth’s armed conflicts against Russia and Prussia. They sided with the American patriots in the American Revolutionary War. Kościuszko is a national hero in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the United States and has had his name on numerous places and monuments around the world, on top of the one in Washington. Kościuszko is one of the most venerated individuals in Polish history.

Pulaski is revered as “the father of the American cavalry” and is one of only eight people to receive honorary United States citizenship. Polish-Americans celebrate Pulaski Day in Chicago on an annual basis.

The vandalization of these monuments show how iconoclastic the Left has become. It’s part of their politically correct agenda to wipe out American history. With how deracinated the U.S. has become, the very least we could do is to preserve our historical memory.

Foreigners like Pulaski and Kościuszko went above and beyond the call of duty by serving in the American Revolution. Their memories should be 100% respected.

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