Polish General Admits Poland Can No Longer Provide Ammo to Ukraine

During a speech at a strategy session of the National Security Bureau, the Polish Armed Forces chief of staff General Rajmund Andrzejczak expressed his pessimism at Ukraine’s prospects in the Russo-Ukrainian War. Based on his analysis of the conflict, he believes “there is nothing that indicates that Russia will lack the resources to continue the conflict.”

On top of that, Andrzejczak believes that sanctions will not impede Russia’s ability to continue funding its war.

The general is of the view that Poland’s ability to send ammunition to Ukraine is not up to par.

“We simply don’t have the ammunition. Our industry isn’t ready to send the equipment to Ukraine and to maintain our own dwindling reserves,” he stated. He called attention to how he was tirelessly putting forth such an analysis in order to call attention to the dire military situation in Ukraine.

He added that “war is not the business of soldiers.” Instead, he views it as “a question of politics with economic factors involving finance, infrastructure, technology, food, and a range of other problems that you have to figure into the equation to be able to understand it.” 

Andrzejczak noted that “Ukraine is experiencing huge financial problems,” despite the sizable aid packages it was receiving from the United States, Poland, and the rest of the Collective West.

Andrzejczak said to the National Security Bureau that he viewed Poland’s national security as dangerous. 

The Polish general even admitted that Western military leaders were caught off guard by the realities unfolding on the Ukrainian battlefield. He noted that “an honest assessment of the threats was still both a surprise and a shock for most of them.”

Furthermore, the general signaled that there was no indication that Ukrainians who left their country would return to their homeland to commence the reconstruction process. He continued by noting that the NATO summit in Vilnius will be “a summit to define our credibility, of NATO, and the whole of the West.”

Andrzejczak’s comments are a rarity among Western leaders these days. These people are completely delusional and live on a different planet when it comes to assessing political reality. A regime change is ultimately needed for foreign policy sanity to return to the West.

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