Politician: NATO Could Deploy Forces to Ukraine

On July 6, 2023, Vladimir Rogov, the leader of the We Are Together With Russia movement, said to Russian state-media outlet that several NATO units could be deployed to the military alliance’s summit that was held from July 11 to July 12.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda previously stated that Ukraine would not be invited to join the alliance at the Vilnius summit, but NATO countries “will find in the days remaining before the summit the wording that will not disappoint Ukraine.” In addition, Nauseda stressed that this would not be a simple pledge to admit Ukraine into NATO after the Russo-Ukrainian War ends.

“Zelensky’s plans include a nuclear false flag attack to try to push through a NATO summit decision to deploy a limited contingent of occupational forces from Poland and the Baltic republics. It will be the legalization of the occupation in a format of ensuring nuclear security on the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime. Such a formula is being looked at the [Ukrainian] presidential office,” Rogov proclaimed.

Rogov speculated that Poland has a particular interest in Western Ukraine, which could turn into a NATO springboard for future conflicts.

Prior to the NATO summit, Ukraine has been increasingly vocal about its ambitions of joining the military alliance. That said, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg poured cold water on Ukraine joining the alliance as long as it’s in a state of military conflict. 

Ukraine joining NATO would put the Collective West and Russia closer to a state of direct war. For Russia, Ukraine is of the utmost strategic importance. Having Ukraine become a part of the Collective West’s security architecture would be an intolerable geopolitical scenario for Russia. For that reason, Russia will go to great lengths to ensure that Ukraine never joins NATO, stays neutral, or at least is in a geopolitically enfeebled state. 

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