PolitiFact Acknowledges Truth in Senate Candidate’s Statement, Still Rates it “Mostly False”

A Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Virginia made a statement in a recent debate against his opponent Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) that, though acknowledged as true, was still rated “Mostly False” by a popular “fact-checking” website.

“President Trump proposed the increase to $700 billion to our military budget, which included the 355-ship Navy, which included a military pay increase, a modest one, which included, a yet even more modest housing allowance, but yet (Kaine) even voted against giving more money to our men and women who are in the military service and against our housing allowance,” Stewart claimed in the debate.

Stewart was referring to a January spending bill that would have averted a government shutdown, which Democrats, including Kaine, voted against.

Here is what PolitiFact had to say regarding Stewart’s claim:

“Kaine did vote no on a short-term government spending bill, which included several of the military-related provisions Stewart cited, in order to signal his disapproval for another short-term budget resolution,” the site says. “However, Kaine eventually voted in favor of those same provisions when he said yes to the omnibus spending bill on March 23, and he has taken other actions and made other statements in support of those provisions.”

Another day, another “fact-checking” website carrying water for Democrats. In what world could that be rated as “Mostly False”?

Even the New York Times verified that Kaine voted as such.

PolitiFact makes no reference to what specific “provisions” mentioned by Stewart that Kaine eventually voted for on March 23, leaving the reader in the dark regarding the central claim made by Stewart. Did Kaine indeed vote for more military ships, and increase in pay for the troops, and an increased housing allowance at some point? We cannot be sure. PolitiFact does not say.

They do vaguely cite Kaine’s supposed military support on other occasions, though.

“Kaine’s campaign also pointed to several instances where Kaine showed support for the military, including when he defended increased military spending, applauded the Navy’s purchase of aircraft carriers and sponsored an amendment providing $12.3 billion for Virginia shipbuilding,” the site says.

Well, that is certainly dandy, but who cares? That is not the claim PolitiFact is addressing. The only reason for adding such information that is irrelevant to the question at hand is to prop up the Kaine campaign.

[I]n this case, our report speaks for itself,” said Angie Holan, editor at PolitiFact when asked how the site came to the “Mostly False” conclusion. “I don’t have anything to add that wasn’t published the piece. Thanks for reaching out.”






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