POLL: 14% of Americans Are in Favor of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

According to a poll carried out by The Trafalgar Group and the Convention of States Action, only 14% of Americans agreed that citizenship should be granted to illegal aliens. 

In the poll, 59.5% of Americans indicated that “those in review should complete their reviews and either be removed or granted asylum, and those here illegally should be expelled.”

By contrast, 15% stated that “only those in asylum review should be granted amnesty and citizenship.”

What was most interesting about the individuals surveyed is how fewer than 3% of Hispanic voters said that illegal aliens should be allowed to permanently stay in the US. 

Even 36% of Democrats replied that no blanket amnesty should be passed. By contrast, only 30% believe amnesty should be passed.

In a similar vein, the majority of Americans still want a border wall to be finished. 62.6% believe that the completion of the border wall is “essential to US National Security.” 

As for the partisan support of the wall, 86% of Democrats oppose it, while nearly 93% of Republicans support the wall. 

There’s clear opposition to mass amnesty among a large portion of the American populace. Mass amnesty is an elite project that the cheap labor lobby and ethnic grievance groups push to destroy America’s working class while also diluting its national character. 

If America is to exist as a coherent nation, it must stop all amnesty and other measures that bring millions of immigrants — legal and illegal — into the country. 

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