POLL: 23% of Republican Party Supporters Want the Party to Primarily Focus on Cracking Down on Mass Migration

There comes a point when ignoring the will of the Republican Party base will lead to a political irrelevancy. Any Republican candidate that ignores immigration is securing themself a spot in the wasteland of defeat.   

A new poll conducted by YouGov from January 20 to January 24, shows that 23% of Republican voters demand an America First approach to immigration reform.  

By contrast, just 5% selected “cutting taxes” a key issue, per a poll that Yahoo! News conducted.

Neil Munro of Breitbart News observed that “The 5 percent who picked ‘cutting taxes’ were fewer than the 10 percent support who for stressed ending coronavirus curbs, the 8 percent  who picked ‘fighting crime,’ and the 17 percent who picked ‘stopping Democrats from rigging and stealing elections.’”

As usual, GOP leadership has been rather quiet about how they’re going to tackle immigraiton policy.

Some GOP officials such as Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack have made it a point to push for immigration patriot reforms. She previously told Breitbart News “We need to — for the first time in a long time — put America first, and that means putting Americans first.”

According to the Yahoo! Poll, GOP voters are very much frustrated with the 2020 election’s results. The Yahoo! news report stated the following: 

if the GOP wins control of Congress in November, 56 percent of Republicans say they want the party to launch yet another investigation of the 2020 presidential election — twice the number (28 percent) who say the opposite.

The survey also questioned GOP voters about their support for Trump and previous GOP presidents. The Yahoo! News report noted:

Trump remains the GOP’s most powerful and influential figure. Looking ahead, 56 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners say Trump’s endorsement is more important than that of “other Republican leaders” (23 percent) when they are deciding how to vote.

Half (50 percent) say Trump was “the best Republican president” — far better than George H.W. Bush (4 percent) and his son George W. Bush (9 percent), and significantly better even than conservative icon Ronald Reagan (37 percent). Eighty-two percent rate Trump favorably, and 83 percent say they would vote for him in a rematch with Biden.

Indeed, the immigration question is never going away, no matter how hard Conservatism Inc tries to wish it away.

Populist conservatives should be running on an unapologetically immigration patriot platform if they want to remain relevant on the political stage.

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