POLL: 25% of Americans Don’t Know Who to Vote for in 2024

Americans are increasingly becoming frustrated with their political choices for president in 2024. 

Nearly 75% of voters indicated that President Joe Biden is too old to run for re-election, per a Wall Street Journal poll. Over 50% stated that Donald Trump, Biden’s strongest rival, took illegal measures to try to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Despite this, the majority of voters signaled that their choice for president is already set in stone, if the options end up being Biden and Trump. 

The remaining voters — 26% voters — are undecided yet undecided. They tend to be voters that don’t believe Biden is doing a good job but dislike some of Trump’s personal behavior. They have grown disenchanted with the state of the economy but are in favor of abortion rights. The persuadable voters view both Biden and Trump in a negative light, even more than the rest of the electorate. Roughly 70% view Biden unfavorably, while 74% view Trump unfavorably.

Biden has a tall order in convincing American voters to support his re-election bid. 

Only 29% approve of Biden’s presidential job performance. Two-thirds believe the economy has worsened during Biden’s office, and few believe he has tackled the country’s economic issues well.

Let’s be honest here. Americans have every reason to be pessimistic about the present political climate. The two parties in DC function as a de facto Uniparty that pursues never-ending wars, made migration, reckless spending, and easy money. 

For politics to move in a positive direction, the US needs new blood in its political system. The current crop of leaders have simply failed the American populace. 

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