POLL: 36% of Democrat Voters Want Gavin Newsom To Run Against Joe Biden

Over one-third of Democrat voters want California Governor Gavin Newsom to run a primary challenge against incumbent President Joe Biden in an effort to capture the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination. 

Per a Rasmussen poll published on August 28,  37% of likely United States voters view Newsom favorably, which includes 15% hold a very favorable opinion of the California governor. 43% hold a negative view of Newsom, which includes 32% with a very unfavorable impression of the California governor. An additional 19% are unsure. 

32% of likely voters believe Newsom should take on Biden in the 2024 presidential election cycle, whereas 41% disagree and 27% are unsure.

Among Democrat voters, 36% indicated that Newsom should take on Biden in 2024 and 43% indicated that he should back off from this challenge. A Newsom primary challenge to Biden is also supported by 32% of Republican and 29% of independent voters.

59% of Democrat voters view Newsom favorably, which includes 26% who view him favorably. In addition, Newsom is viewed at least somewhat favorably by 18% of Republican and 34% of independent voters.

37% of white voters, 16% of black voters or 27% of other non-black minorities view Newsom unfavorably. Black voters tend to be most opposed to Newsom taking on Biden for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

As far as income categories are concerned, 69% of voters making over $200,000 annually hold at least somewhat favorable views of Newsom. By contrast, only 31% of voters making below $50,000 annually view Newsom favorably. 

The Biden regime is clearly on the ropes due to the inflationary policies it has unleashed on Americans, the broken border it has presided over, and the growing crime it has enabled. As a result, there are many Democratic insiders who have doubts that Biden can launch a viable re-election bid. Time will tell if Newsom throws his hat in the ring. 

One thing is certain though: There’s trouble in Democrat land. 

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