POLL: 48% of American Voters Believe the Biden Regime Has Been Weak on Crime

In a recently released Rasmussen poll, 35% of likely United States voters gave President Joe Biden a good or excellent rating when it comes to the way his regime has handled crime and law enforcement issues. 

60% of voters believe that America’s violent crime problem is worsening. 

46% of Democrat voters, 76% of Republican voters, and 61% of independent voters believe the crime problem is worsening.  

55% of Democrat voters gave Biden a good or excellent rating for the way he has handled crime and law enforcement matters. By contrast, only 15% of Republican voters and 32% of independent voters share that belief. 70% of Republican voters gave Biden a poor rating on the crime issue, in addition to25% of Democrat voters and 49% of independent voters.

61% of white voters, 55% of black voters, and 62% of other non-black minorities believe the problem of violent crime in America is worsening. 

42% of government employees, 34% of private sector employees, and 36% of retirees gave Biden a good or excellent rating on crime issues.

As for income earning categories, voters making less than $100,000 annually are more likely to indicate that the crime problem is worsening, and those making below $30,000 are most likely to give Biden a bad rating on the way he has handled crime.

Joe Biden, just like the rest of his Democratic Party counterparts, has embraced a soft-on crime agenda that privileges criminals at innocent people’s expense. This is the anarcho-tyrannical order of our time that is putting the US on path to Third World status. 

That’s why it’s of the utmost importance for the Right to make law & order an integral plank of its governing agenda once it assumes power again. 

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