POLL: 49% of Texas Hispanics Oppose the Biden Administration’s Open Borders Agenda

According to a poll that The Dallas Morning News conducted from January 18-25, 49% of Texas Hispanics oppose the Biden administration’s open border policies. 

Only 38% of Texas Hispanics support Biden’s border policies. Neil Munro noted that the Biden administration’s immigration policies “have invited at least 1.5 million migrants over the border and into Americans’ jobs, housing, schools, and communities.”

Governor Greg Abbott is up for re-election and his tougher stances on border security have garnered him 45% support among Hispanics.

This figure is close to the 52% of statewide support Abbott’s border policies have.

The results from the Dallas Morning News poll show that even Hispanics are becoming jittery about the Democrats’ open borders agenda. Many Hispanics of working class background likely grew up idolizing Cesar Chavez, a known immigration restrictionist. This has largely shaped many Hispanic Americans’ views on immigration, which tend to be hostile towards it. 

“What you see is a big, big [Latino] shift towards the Republican Party,” especially outside of California, observed Mike Madrid, a GOP strategist that is active in the Never Trump movement. In a recent podcast, Madrid argues that Hispanics’ drift towards the Republican Party is largely driven by Democrats’ hostility to working-class sector jobs:

There’s plenty of data to suggest that the real problem here is a policy problem: The Democrats are increasingly a party that is having trouble with working-class Americans because of a lot of the issues that they champion. They are viewed as the enemy of a lot of industries that provide for an $80,000 to $100,000-a-year job working in energy, working in the construction trades, working in all of these industries … It’s really that simple: “It’s the economy, stupid,” right?

Campaigning on immigration patriotism, not Hispandering is the way the GOP will win more of the Hispanic vote. Hopefully, GOP strategists pick up on this. If not, national populists will have to remind them.

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