POLL: 51% of Voters Want Pete Buttigieg to Resign as Transportation Secretary

After the East Palestine train derailment,  a majority of voters want Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg to resign.

Per a Rasmussen poll, 45% of likely United States voters hold a favorable impression of Buttigieg, which includes 25% who have a very favorable view of him. 44% of voters view Buttigieg unfavorably, which includes 34% who hold a “very unfavorable” opinion of him. An additional 10% are unsure. 

68% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats, and 51% of independent voters believe Buttigieg should step down.

66% of Democrats have at least a somewhat favorable view of Buttigieg. However, only 27% of Republicans and 42% of independent voters view Buttigieg favorably. 55% of Republicans, 10% of Democrats, and 39% of independent voters have a very unfavorable impression of Buttigieg.

52% of white voters,  42% of black voters and 53% of non-black minority voters believe Buttigieg should step down. 

Individuals making $200,000 annually are most likely to have a very favorable opinion of Buttigieg. Buttigieg is a diversity hire through and through. He was simply brought on board because he hit the homosexual checkmark for the diversity crowd. 

When a society starts staffing key governmental and private sector positions with unqualified individuals, it will inevitably go on the path to decline. 

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