POLL: 52% of American Voters Don’t Want to Import Refugees From Gaza

According to a Rasmussen poll, 52% of likely American voters are against the United States accepting Palestinian refugees from Gaza, whereas 28% indicated that the US should.

An additional 20% of likely voters were unsure. As far as partisan affiliations were concerned, Democrats were more likely to signal that the US should import these refugees at 42%. 73% of Republican voters and 50% independent voters who said the US should not accept these refugees. It makes sense why Democrats would support Palestinian resettlement due to how they’re officially the Great Replacement party. Democrats and their open borders allies exploit any foreign conflict to justify further non-white migration into the US in their effort to destroy the Historic American Nation. 

The Hamas attack on Israel that went down on October 7, 2023 provoked a massive response from the Israeli military. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been pounding Gaza in an attempt to eradicate terrorist group Hamas.

However, it seems that the Israeli government has used this terrorist attack to justify a broader ethnic cleansing agenda that could result in the expulsion of millions of Palestinians.  The Israeli ruling class would like nothing more than to have Western governments resettle Palestinians in their lands to take the Palestinian of their hands. 

America First patriots should reject this Zionist plot and reassert immigration restrictionist values. There will be no more migrants resettling the US. 

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