POLL: 52% of Republicans Believe President Trump Rightfully Won the 2020 Presidential Election

More than half of national Republican voters recognize President Donald Trump as the legitimate victor of the 2020 Presidential election, according to a new poll from Reuters.

The poll questioned national voters on their impressions of the election. 73% of respondents recognized that Joe Biden “won,” but when asked which candidate “rightfully won,” Republican voters were far more skeptical. 52% of Republicans indicated that Donald Trump was the rightful victor of the 2020 election.

55% of voters described the 2020 election as “legitimate and accurate,” down 7% from the 62% of Americans who described the 2016 election as such. 28% expressly identified the election outcome as the product of “illegal voting or election rigging,” up 12% from 2016.

Even some Democrats and Independents expressed concerns over election integrity. 16% of Democrats and 33% of Independents said they were concerned over election rigging, with a strong majority of 68% of Republicans agreeing.

Democrats have largely memory-holed years of election conspiracy theories alleging wide-ranging interference plots on the part of the Russian Federation, now claiming that questioning the veracity of election results is a slap in the face to American democracy.

The mainstream media continually insists that there’s nothing to see and no reason to be skeptical of the election processes- which eroded a strong lead for Donald Trump days after the election. However, the people don’t seem so easily convinced.

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