POLL: 54% of Americans See “Other People in America” as the Greatest Threat to US Way of Life

A Sunday poll conducted by CBS News reveals unprecedented division within the American public, with 54% Americans pointing to their fellow citizens as the greatest threat to what they define as the American way of life.

Economic forces, natural disasters, and foreign threats were easily surpassed by the threat presented by “other people in America.”

In coming years, a majority of the American public predicts that political violence will become more frequent, not more rare.

Voters overwhelmingly expect Joe Biden’s focus as President to be placed upon the Chinese coronavirus, with concern over the virus evidently a bipartisan sentiment surpassing the deep political divisions of the Union.

Trump and Biden voters report overwhelming scorn for one another, with 5% of the former and 4% of the latter approving of the opposition’s political constituency.

A slim majority of Trump voters reject viewing Joe Biden as a legitimate President.

It’s one thing to lament the disunity and recommend the adoption of a partisan agenda as a tentative solution to the unprecedented decline in social trust in America. The most honest of commentators may be the ones who frankly admit that America’s legal and governing structure isn’t designed for such a scenario and that the solutions aren’t readily available.

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