POLL: 55% of Voters Are Against Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal

The majority of American voters disapprove of a plea bargain that has kept President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden out of federal prison. These voters believe that this favorable plea deal reeks of familiar favoritism. 

Per a Rasmussen poll, 55% of likely United States voters disapprove of the plea deal Hunter Biden made on charges that he broke federal tax and firearms laws, which includes 41% who strongly disapprove. 37% of voters are in favor of the plea bargain, which includes 19% who strongly approve.

Under the plea agreement announced in June, Hunter Biden will plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges of failing to pay federal income taxes and receive probation on a felony charge of illegally possessing a firearm as a drug user after lying on a federal firearm purchase form.

67% of voters believe it is likely that the president’s son received favorable treatment from federal prosecutors due his family connections, which includes 49% who said it’s very likely. Only 28% of voters don’t believe the president’s son received favorable treatment, which includes 13% who believe it’s unlikely.

63% of Democrat voters are at least somewhat in favor of the plea deal for Hunter Biden. By contrast, just 18% of Republican voters and 27% of independent voters approve. 66% of Republican voters strongly disapprove of the deal, in addition 45% of independent voters and 14% of Democrat voters.

83% of Republican voters, 50% of Democrat voters, and 68% of independent voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Hunter Biden obtained favorable treatment from federal prosecutors due to how his father is the president.

66% of white voters, 56% of black voters, and 74% of non-black minorities believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Hunter Biden received favorable treatment due to his father’s political position. 

As far as income categories are concerned, 57% of voters making over $200,000 annually are at least somewhat in favor of Hunter Biden’s plea deal. However, less than 40% of voters with making below $100,000 annually are in agreement. 

The US’s political system is corrupt to the core. It’s reaching Banana Republic levels of corruption that would make the Founding Fathers turn over in their graves. It’s going to take a national restoration/cleansing for the country to get back on its feet and assume its role as the city on the hill that the rest of the world should follow. 

However, in its current dilapidated state, the US is turning into just another corrupt polity. 

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