POLL: 62% of Americans Believe the US is Going the Wrong Way on Immigration

A poll recently released by The Economist and YouGov, 2022 revealed that 62% of respondents believe the United States is on the “wrong track” on matters concerning immigration. According to Andrew R. Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies, only 18% of respondents stated that the nation is “generally headed in the right direction” on immigration while 20% were unsure.

Even among voters who supported Biden in 2020 they are uneasy about the Biden regime’s immigration performance. 47% of Biden voters believe that his regime is mishandling immigration, while 27% believe he is handling the question correctly. 

As for swing voters, 68% of them believe that immigration policy is moving in the wrong direction, while only 13% believe that it is moving in the right direction.

Among Hispanic voters, Biden’s immigration policies are not popular. 48% of Hispanic voters believe the US is going in the wrong direction on immigration, whereas 25% believe the country is heading the right way on the issue. 

Overall, campaigning on immigration is a no-brainer for Republicans in the 2022 midterms. Everyone is getting worked up about the issue as the southern border is imploding and hordes of illegal aliens, drug cartels, and other criminal actors overwhelm the border. Plus there is the electoral threat of mass migration that it is always in the background.

Contrary to what the corporate press says, the Great Replacement is not a baseless conspiracy theory. It’s a demographic reality that globalist elites willingly exploit. that For that reason, immigration is an existential issue for right-wing populists.

Any serious Republican should be running on an unapologetic immigration patriot platform in 2022 and beyond.

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