POLL: 65% of Democrat Voters Believe Donald Trump Should Still Be Prohibited From X

In a recent Rasmussen poll, 54% of likely United States voters believe Donald Trump should be allowed to use Twitter. 37% of these voters are in disagreement 

Elon Musk,  the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, bought Twitter for $44 billion in 2022 and lifted the social media platform’s prohibition on Trump. That said, 65% of Democrat voters still believe Trump should be prohibited from the platform. 81% of Republican voters believe Trump should be allowed to use Twitter, in addition to 59% of independent voters. 

Since the former president’s account was restored to Twitter, Trump has used X only one time. Instead, he has preferred to use his TruthSocial platform to stay in touch with his supporters. 49% of voters back Trump posting on Twitter, which includes 32% who strongly support him using the platform. 36% are against Trump posting on Twitter, which includes 25% who strongly disapprove. An additional 15% are unsure.

73% of Republican voters at least somewhat back Trump using Twitter. Moreover, only 21% of Democrat voters and 51% of independent voters support Trump being able to use Twitter again. 

57% of voters rarely or never use Twitter. By contrast, 16% use the social media platform once a week or less. 10% use X multiple times a week and 14% use it on a daily basis or nearly every day.

42% of Democrat voters, 39% of Republican voters, and 40% of independent voters use the X platform at least occasionally.

28% of likely voters believe Musk’s purchase of Twitter has improved the platform, whereas 33% believe the platform has worsened since Musk purchased it. 21% believe Musk’s ownership has not had much of an impact, and 19% are unsure.

45% of Republican voters stated that the platform has improved since Musk purchased Twitter. By contrast, 13% of Democrat voters and 26% of independent voters are in agreement with this assessment. 54% of Democrat voters believe Twitter has worsened under Musk’s watch. By contrast, only 13% of Republican voters and 28% of independent voters agree with this statement.

Under the ownership of Musk, Twitter has become more liberated in terms of free speech. That’s undeniable, despite any of Musk’s ideological shortcomings. Hopefully, Twitter remains relatively liberal on free speech liberties. It’s the best way for right-wing ideas to proliferate.

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