POLL: 65 Percent of Americans Want All Immigration to America Stopped

Numbers USA reported that the majority of Americans want all immigration to the United States stopped during the Wuhan virus crisis, according to a new poll.

On April 20, 2020, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that slowed green card processing for less than ten percent of the 1.2 million legal immigrants that would be admitted to the U.S.

On top of the aforementioned legal immigration admissions, there are millions of foreign nationals who can still enter the country with foreign visa worker programs, student visas, tourist visas, and special immigrant visas. These visas remain active despite over 30 million Americans being out of work.

According to a recent Washington Post/University of Maryland poll, the majority of Americans want mass migration halted during this pandemic.

When they were questioned “Would you support or oppose temporarily blocking nearly all immigration into the United States during the coronavirus outbreak?” approximately 65 percent of Americans expressed their support for a temporary immigration shutdown. Only 34 percent were in opposition to an immigration moratorium while one percent expressed no opinion on the matter.

Other recent polls from Pew Research Center and Ipsos have discovered similar support for immigration restriction. According to the Pew report, more than 8-in-10 Americans describe mass migration a “threat” to America.

The poll comes at a time when some elected officials like Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and Texas Congressman Lance Gooden have urged Trump to broaden his executive order to include the majority of visa programs to prevent Americans from being forced to compete with endless floods of cheap labor.

The poll can be found here.

For the sake of America’s socio-economic and political integrity, Trump needs to take the Congressman’s calls seriously and actually issue an executive order that protects American workers.

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