POLL: 70% of Voters Want Term Limits for Congress

According to a Rasmussen poll, 70% likely United States voters are in favor of implementing  term limits for all members of the United States House and Senate. 

 76% of Republican voters and 68% of Democrat and independent voters are in favor of term limits.

That said, Congress must approve, through a two-thirds vote, any amendment to impose term limits. Only 23% of voters believe it’s likely that Congress will vote to place significant term limits on its members. 74% don’t believe it’s likely Congress would give the green light to term limits, which includes 45% who indicate it’s not at all likely.

29% of Democrat voters, 23% of Republican voters, and 15% of independent voters believe Congress is at least somewhat likely to pull the lever for term limits on its own members.

72% of white voters, 61% of black voters, and 71% of other non-black minorities support term limits for members of Congress. 19% of white voters, 28% of black voters, and 31% of non-black minority voters believe it’s at least somewhat likely that Congress would actually impose term limits on its own members.

78% of self-identified conservative voters favor term limits on congressional members, in addition to 69% of moderate and 60% of liberal voters.

When it comes to income earners, individuals making over $200,000 annually are most likely to believe Congress would vote in favor of term limits.

77% of private sector workers, 69% of government employees, and 68% of retirees are in favor of term limits for members of Congress.

Term limits could perhaps solve many problems in DC. After all, many politicians make it a career to be a taxpayer-funded parasite. However, there are many states in the Union such as California which have term limits but remain corrupt to the core.

The fact is that the forces of statism have massive political machines where they can churn out new candidates and prop up incumbents that faithfully advance their agenda. A mere change in electoral procedure will not fundamentally alter politics in a way that favors liberty.

Liberty activists will have to focus on building their own networks and machines that challenge the political establishment. At the end of the day, we must be ready to fight fire with fire.

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