POLL: 71% of Americans Believe Donald Trump Can’t Get an Impartial Jury

According to a poll carried out by Ipsos, 71% of Americans don’t believe President Donald Trump can receive an impartial jury during his present set of legal battles. 

The poll discovered that ex-jurors were more likely than the general populace to have trust in the criminal justice system. 

76% of former jurors indicated  “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust in jurors. 58% of non-jurors held similar views.

When it comes to former President Donald Trump’s chances of receiving an impartial jury for one of the cases he’s dealing with that concerns his alleged illegal retention of classified documents, Americans’ views are more bleak.

In the poll, 1,017 individuals— specifically individuals who haven’t done jury duty in the last 10 years—were asked the following question, “If the cases against Donald Trump go to trial, how confident are you, if at all, that the court will be able to find and seat jurors willing to put aside their prior beliefs about Donald Trump and decide the case based on the evidence presented?”

In sum, 71% of respondents indicated they were not confident, which includes 30% who stated they were “not at all confident” and 41% who indicated they were “not too confident” about an impartial jury.

Just 28% manifested confidence that President Trump’s jurors could be impartial. Of those who held this view, 23%, stated they were only “somewhat confident” of an impartial jury. Just 5% percent signaled that they were “very confident” that President Trump could receive an impartial jury. 

The fact is that law in America has become politicized as the country has allowed for diversity and equity policies to become normalized. In addition, the high stakes nature of modern-day politics has propelled elected officials to pursue the most vindictive of policies that would more properly belong in a backwards, Third World polity. 

All told, the US is heading for dark times as its legal system becomes weaponized in political witch hunts and Americans no longer trust traditionally respected institutions.

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