POLL: 72% of Republicans Want Party Leaders Affiliated With Donald Trump’s Policies, Even if Biden Wins

New post-election polling reveals that Republican voters want party leaders affiliated with Donald Trump’s “America First” policy vision, even in the event that Joe Biden is ultimately inaugurated as President in January.

The final outcome of the presidential election is still pending litigation in several swing states.

Voter Omnibus’s survey questioned 1,001 national voters on the matter last week, including 465 Republican-aligned voters.

An outright plurality of Republican  and Republican-leaning voters want the party to continue with Donald Trump himself as the leader of the party, with 39% of voters expressing such a view.

33% of Republican-aligned voters want the party to continue with new leaders who are more “disciplined.” Combined, these constituencies form a strong majority of 72% in support of the Trump agenda.

A paltry constituency of Republicans desire to see the party return to the Bush/Romney approach of neoconservative globalism, signaling poor prospects for liberal conservatives to regain control of the Republican party.

Republicans are far more concerned that weak Republicans won’t fight against Democrats or abandon Trump’s “America First” policy approach than they are that they’ll advance Trump’s agenda.

Trump is the most popular potential 2024 candidate in the event he leaves office in January.

It’s hard to imagine any politician beating a former President, especially a figure with the political legacy of Donald Trump, in a Republican primary. The fundamentals for a 2024 Trump campaign are strong if he leaves office in January, and it appears that the desire for Republican leaders who share the President’s “America First” vision is overwhelming.


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