POLL: 77% of Americans Blame China for Coronavirus Epidemic

More than 77% of Americans are placing blame upon the authoritarian Communist government of China for the global coronavirus pandemic, according to a new Harris poll.

The poll draws from a sample of 1,993 American adults. Even 67% of Democrats place blame upon China for the global pandemic.

66% of Republicans state that President Trump should implement strict trade measures on China, with 38% of Democrats agreeing. Even more Americans agree with buffed tariffs on China is the nation fails to live up to its commitments to purchase more American goods and products under a recent trade agreement with the United States.

China’s actions to conceal the severity of the coronavirus pandemic- with many believing the Chinese Communist Party to be systematically concealing diagnosis and casualty rates- have led to a global blow to the nation’s reputation. Major nations have already begun plans to bring back manufacturing businesses from the country, which has risen in geopolitical significance on the back of outsourcing manufacturing from developed countries.

China also has utilized its handpicked puppets to advance its interests through global institutions, with the pro-Chinese director of the World Health Organization claiming on Thursday he was the target of harassment campaigns from Taiwanese internet users. The WHO has been largely more fixated on protecting China’s interests than warning the global public of the threats posed by the coronavirus.

As popular skepticism and concern towards China grows among the public, it’s worth noting that presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a lengthy track record of favoring further cooperation and partnership with China. Biden has supported virtually every single trade deal allowing the nation to gobble up outsourced American jobs and manufacturing, even going so far as to openly reject claims that China is an essential geopolitical and economic adversary of America.

The age of outsourcing key elements of our economy in pursuit of cheap labor- leaving our national access to key goods and services to authoritarian kleptocrats- may be destined for an end as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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