POLL: Americans are Split on NATO Expansion

With tensions between Russia and Ukraine not subsiding anytime soon, the American public has generally been unenthusiastic about getting into a hot conflict with Russia.

A recent poll from Morning Consult showed that Americans are not overwhelmingly in favor of having the North Atlantic Treaty Organization incorporate Ukraine into its alliance structure. 

In a tweet that USA Polling posted on February 9, 2022 it noted that “’NATO Should…’

Not Prevent Ukraine From Joining To Prevent A Russian Invasion: 49%

Prevent Ukraine From Joining To Prevent A Russian Invasion: 17%

Unsure: 34%

Morning Consult / February 6, 2022 / n=2005 / Online”

It’s clear that there’s no overwhelming support for military intervention against a nuclear power like Russia.

Most Americans are likely unaware of the nuances of Russia’s current grievances. Russia views the potential addition of Ukraine into the NATO fold. It would be the equivalent of Mexico or any Caribbean nation forming a military alliance with China or Russia. 

America already witnessed a similar crisis play out in this fashion during the Cold War when the Soviet Union began installing missile systems in Cuba, which sparked the Cuban Missile Crisis. Foreign policy realism is desperately needed in the current Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

National populists must lead the way in proposing a more restrained form of foreign policy. The current foreign policy paradigm will invariably lead to a total disaster.

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